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The latest in health and wellness. IV Drip Therapy allows you to get the absolute best health benefits from our range of natural Intravenous drip products.

Stress relief, Hangover recovery, Jet lag, Energy restoration and much more...

Feel energised, awake and ready to take on anything.

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Enjoy the absolute best in IV health & wellness. A whole new experience awaits.

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IV Fusion was founded on the idea of providing the absolute best in natural health care through Intravenous drips.

Vitamins and other supplements have a low absorption rate and are often excreted without you obtaining any of the benefits. This is what drove us to find a solution that would create 100% absorption from a Vitamin Drip to Skin Rejuvenation & Revival. All our treatments allow you to garner the absolute best out of your wellness option.

Choice is what it is all about and you have plenty of that at our Drip Bar. Each IV Drip wellness option has been creatively modified into various persona’s that you may be akin to.

Whatever your reason we are here to assist you to feel stronger, fitter, healthier and overall fantastic.

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