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Vitamune Fusion

Persona’s for Vitamune Fusion range


1. Nobody has time for Flu: 

Sniffles, Sore Throat, Tired, Overworked or Stressed out. Our immune system take strain during change of season and when we are overworked or stressed out. A healthy immune system is key to Anti Ageing, Energy Increase, Hydration and all other areas of our body. The less energy our bodies spend on fighting germs and illness the more time it has to keep you in tip top condition.

Our Vitamin Drip or Vitamin C Drip supports your immune system defense by helping your body decrease viral penetration into cells. A Vitamin C Drip is like a Medical Drip and contributes to immune defenses by supporting various cellular functions of both your innate and adaptive immune system.

  • Immune system + prevention

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