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The best recovery experience ever. After my gruelling mountain bike race, I went straight to the IV Fusion tent. I was greeted by friendly staff who assisted with my drip and something cold to drink. The whole process was pleasure. My recovery was so much faster with almost no aches and pains. I would highly recommend getting your recovery drip from IV Fusion. 

Lizaane Mackenzie

Owner, Lizanne Mackenzie Physiotherapy

Hi Mark.

I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for my infusion treatment. 

This was my first experience with infusion therapy and would certainly classify my treatment at IV Fusion as thoroughly enjoyable; I left feeling invigorated and years younger as a result of the infusion boost to my system, increasing my stamina and general sense of wellbeing. 

From being welcomed at reception and being looked after by your nurse, I felt more like I was experiencing a spa treatment, with the important added benefit of IV Fusion’s “fountain of youth” sensation following my infusion treatment.   

The treatment room created an immediate aura of relaxation. The drip itself is silky smooth and leaves one feeling quite euphoric, with my stress levels dropped to zero.  

The service and experience at IV Fusion is world class and I would recommend it to anyone. I look forward to my next treatment.    

Jonathan Rosen

Athena Risk

Dear Mark

I am writing to thank you for arranging my infusion session at your very comfortable treatment centre. As a businesswoman my days are long and frenetic. A friend advised me to give IV Fusion a try. I must say I am so glad I did. What an amazing place and the experience was out of this world.  

Your service is professional, and your staff know exactly what they are doing. The service is superb. My treatment left me feeling calm and ready to take on the world.  

I would highly recommend IV Fusion and have already booked my next session. 

Michelle Inch

The Woodpecker

Hi Mark

Wow what an amazing experience. I must admit I was nervous about getting a drip put in. Needles are not my favourite thing. Your nurse was so good and the numbing ointment really did the trick.

I opted for the hangover recovery “bender mender”. My wife insisted I go so she didn’t have to put up with me looking so terrible not to mention my grumpy state. After nearly falling asleep in the comfy lazy boy chair my drip was finished and I could immediately feel my body starting to recover.

By the evening, my skin was looking great I was feeling really good and according to my wife I no longer looked like death warmed up.

My whole experience was brilliant. What a welcoming environment with very professional staff and your treatment room is just wonderful. I will be back to get the Vitamun Fusion drip in preparation for the winter colds.

Thank you again

David Coulter


Hi Mark

I feel 10 years younger and healthier. Your staff took such great care of me which made the whole experience such a pleasure. I love the treatment room. Comfy and peaceful.

You will be seeing me again very soon with my husband joining in on the experience.

Thank you so much for all your help with my many questions. I really appreciate your care and understanding.

Claire van Tonder

Dyna Plus